Knowledge Assessment - Results Feedback

The Knowledge Assessment, unlike the HUD Housing Counselors Certification Exam, poses questions at three levels of difficulty. By reviewing the results of this type of test, learners can assess their knowledge and focus their studies where there may be knowledge gaps. Within each level of difficulty, performance on questions answered correctly determines the feedback provided. 

After completing the assessment, each test taker receives personalized feedback via email and a summary report that identifies correct and incorrect answers and areas of strength and weakness. The summary report points to specific HUD Housing Counselors Study Guide module page numbers for further study. Test taker summary report is accessible via the Training tab on the User Profile. However, each new attempt overwrites the results of the previous attempt, so only the most recent Knowledge Assessment results are accessible via the User Profile. 

While reviewing the results, test takers should note that the responses highlighted in green are the correct responses. The candidate's incorrect response is outlined in red. Responses are highlighted in green and outlined in dark green when the candidate selected the correct response.